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Find out why the popularity of dry carpet cleaning in Hull and Beverley is constantly growing...

Dry carpet, tile and rug cleaning offers homes and businesses an extremely convenient, healthy and effective option

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Benefit: Your carpets will be left completely dry!

Dry carpet cleaning does exactly what it says on the tin! It leaves your carpets and rugs thoroughly cleaned and completely dry the very second the cleaning process is completed. This is hugely different to the traditional wet and steam cleaning methods most people are aware of.

Anyone who has any experience of having their carpets steam cleaned will know that there is typically a long wait after the clean whilst the carpets are drying out before you can start fully using the floor space again. This often involves opening the windows, turning up the heating and trying anything else to get the carpets dry as quickly as possible!

With dry carpet cleaning there is no wait - that's hours of your time you get back. This makes dry carpet cleaning an extremely convenient option for both homes and businesses and makes it no surprise that the popularity of dry carpet cleaning in Hull and Beverley is growing and growing!

Benefit: ZERO risk of shrinkage or colour bleeding

Have you ever had a poor carpet cleaning experience that makes you think twice about having your carpets professionally cleaned again the future? Well dry carpet cleaning should make you think again! Dry carpet cleaning is an extremely delicate and fabric-friendly cleaning process that is suitable for use on all types of carpet, rug and tile flooring.

Rather than using large amounts of water, steam and chemicals, our process uses a combination of organic cleaning products, vacuums and counter rotating brushing. The application of each of these elements is adjusted on each job to suit the specific fabric we are cleaning and also takes into consideration the level of soiling, age and condition of the flooring.

This means our tailored process poses absolutely no risk of the carpet shrinking, colours bleeding or browning occurring. It also means it is well suited to even the dirtiest, oldest, or most delicate carpets and rugs. Why take the risk? Choose dry carpet cleaning in Hull and Beverley for a premium service at a fantastic price.

Benefit: Your carpets will stay cleaner for longer

Regularly cleaning your carpets is proven to significantly extend their usable lifespan. Even brand new carpets should be cleaning within their first 12 months. Continuing with annual cleans thereafter will add years onto the life of your flooring and has the potential to save you a significant amount of money over the long term when compared to the alternative of have to replace the carpets further down the line.

Dry carpet cleaning is particularly effective at cleaning carpet, and then keeping that carpet clean for as long as possible. The dry cleaning products and process used by Your Carpet Cleaner never result in spot stains wicking back through the carpet as can sometimes happen with wet and steam cleaning methods. The re-soil rate of the carpet is also extremely slow as there is minimal residue left on the carpet fabric for dirt to attach itself to.

The risk of mould spores and mildew occurring after the clean is also completely removed. Again, can sometimes occur with traditional wet cleaning methods that soak the carpet fabric. With dry cleaning their is practically zero moisture left in the carpet for this issue to arise from.

Benefit: 100% natural products are pet and child friendly

It's important to take into consideration the people and animals that will be using the floor space when having a carpet, rug or tile clean carried out in Hull and Beverley. We regularly carry out carpet cleans for people with allergies or families who want to make their homes clean and healthy for the arrival of a baby.

Our dry carpet cleaning service uses a completely natural, organic cleaning product that is mixed with an emulsion of water, cleaner and deodorant to create an effective, healthy and environmentally preferred option. The cleaning process itself uses no additional water which also enhances the environmental efficiency of the carpet clean.

Benefit: Removes dust mites and reduces mould spores

Improving the air quality of your home or business is a significant (and frequently overlooked) benefit of having your carpets dry cleaned. Where traditional cleaning methods that use large amounts of water can sometimes contribute to the creation of mildew and mould spores, dry carpet cleaning massively reduces them after just a single clean.

Removing mould spores can play a significant part in improving yours and your families health and wellness. In the workplace, keeping the air quality high can contribute to reduced staff sickness and increase productivity. Research has shown that a single dry carpet clean can reduce mould spores by 85%!

Dust mites are also effectively removed through the dry cleaning process. Our cleaning process leaves no residue that can contribute to the spread of dust mites, and a single dry carpet clean can reduce dust mites by as much as 78% and also reduce dust mite allergens by 75%.

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